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Always up to date with the My Fruit App of Van Amerongen

Visions are mostly limited by imagination, not by what is technically possible... With our new My Fruit App, Van Amerongen keeps the momentum going in the development of remote control applications. The My Fruit App connects you with your CA control system. No matter where you are, you will be able to check up on your precious products.    

  • Cold store details

    For each cold store, actual values for O2 and CO2 are shown. If applicable, the App also shows you temperature, ethylene and relative humidity.

  • Alarms

    Push messages notify you immediately in case of cold store alarms.

  • Demo version

    Once connected to the My Fruit software of your storage system, the My Fruit App will show you your cold store values.

    Feel free to try our demo version and share your opinion! Download the demo version here:

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